How couples can stop arguing about the television volume when one of them has trouble hearing

The electronic television was first successfully introduced in September of 1927 by a 21 year old inventor named Philo Farnsworth.

It took about 11 years (so by 1938) before these televisions were actually ready to be sold to the general public and actually brought into homes.

Soon after this there was another first that occurred.

The first arguments between spouses, couples and families revolving around “turn the volume down!”.

It’s safe to say that every single person has at some point either been a part of, or witnessed this epic and ongoing battle.

Whether it was between themselves and their partner, their parents or grandparents, the battle over turning the television volume down has undoubtedly raged since the first days televisions made it into our homes.

While we can all enjoy a note of humour over this issue, it is a genuine issue that contributes to ongoing household conflict. The impact it has had on both couples as well as families has existed for decades with seemingly little or no possible solution… until now.

Get a bluetooth enabled hearing aid.

Yes these actually exist (many people are completely unaware of this), and yes, if you have a smart television (or any TV that has standard audio output ports) you can actually sync your bluetooth hearing aid to it.

Now the person with hearing loss can listen to the television at whatever volume they want through their hearing aids, while the person without hearing loss can listen through the television’s speakers at whatever volume that they are comfortable with.

Conflict gone!

But there is a few other advantages that come along with this for the hearing aid wearer.

First, the sound quality of bluetooth hearing aids is dramatically better than the sound that comes from the speakers on the television, so the person using the hearing aids will have a more immersive viewing and listening experience.

The second bonus for the hearing aid wearer is that this bluetooth connectivity not only works with televisions, but also with any electronic device that has bluetooth.

Going for a run? You don’t need special headphones, just connect your hearing aids to your phone and you’re good to go, and as mentioned, the sound quality of your hearing aids will be a noticeably improved when compared to even the best quality headphones you can buy.

Win, win!