What is the best age to start getting your hearing tested?

Most people won’t even remember their earliest hearing tests since most doctors will test the hearing of infants. This initial test will typically be conducted before you reach the ripe old age of one month old. 

So congratulations, you’ve probably already passed your first hearing test!

As you age, family physicians may conduct basic hearing checks (or alternatively these checks are referred to as “screenings”) during routine physicals and during some examinations. But please don’t confuse a hearing check/ screening with a full hearing test. Checks and screenings are comparatively simplistic checks and nowhere near as comprehensive as a proper hearing test conducted by a doctor of audiology.

If you search for the answer to the question as to exactly how often you should get your hearing tested you will find various replies. 

Some believe that a hearing test in your early twenties is a good idea regardless as to whether you are experiencing any hearing loss primarily to establish a baseline that can be referenced as you age.

Having the baseline test is extremely helpful as you age because by having that baseline data, it allows a doctor of audiology to determine where your hearing was versus where it currently is, which can greatly aid that audiologist in determining the proper recommendations.

Others will recommend getting your hearing tested every ten years till you hit the age of fifty and then every year after that… even if you don’t feel you’ve lost any of your hearing.

Here at True Hearing Health, we agree with both of these recommendations, but we would also like to add another to the mix.

You should absolutely have your hearing tested as soon as you sense your hearing is not as sharp as it once was (or perhaps as soon as you find your spouse is constantly admonishing you to “turn the volume down!”.)  Hearing loss is usually a gradual process, so most people don’t notice the progressive loss (hence the every year after fifty recommendation above). However, if you are actually able to notice that your hearing has decreased, that means the odds are it has likely deteriorated substantially, so we recommend having it checked immediately regardless of age or your last test.