Kayla Belanger

Born and raised in small town, Belle River, ON.

Kayla is very passionate about educating patients regarding proper adaptation and expectations about hearing health. She spends a lot of time teaching patients about ear/brain health. Her motto is “an educated patient is a happy patient!”

When not at work, Kayla lives for anything water related! Spending time on Lake. St Clair, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, or wakeboarding is an almost yearly activity (basically whenever there is not ice)! In addition, she loves spending time at the local pool, swimming laps and enjoying Aquafit.

Kayla is a dog mommy to Yoshi, and Kato, both Siberian Huskies. When not at home with the doggies, or on the water, Kayla and her husband are avid travelers, her goal is to visit as many countries as she can!


Kayla loves to chat about hearing health, travel, dogs, and anything related to the water! If you have any questions about hearing health she'd love to help you out!

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