Milka Gabretansea

Milka Gabretansea graduated from the Hearing Instrument Specialist program with distinction in 2023. During her college years, Milka actively volunteered at clinics in Kitchener and Cambridge to gain valuable experience before embarking on her co-op/internship journey. Milka is now relocating back to London, Ontario to continue her journey as a licenced Hearing Instrument Specialist. 

As a Hearing Instrument Specialist, her daily routine involves conducting hearing tests, maintaining and repairing hearing aids, and counselling patients on hearing loss and overall hearing health. She adeptly handles both clinical and receptionist responsibilities when needed, ensuring that she addresses patients’ questions and concerns with utmost clarity. 

Milka’s primary goal is to deliver happiness and fulfillment to her patients, one ear at a time! In one example, she offered a patient alternate technology, and the difference was instantly obvious. Each hearing aid manufacturer strives to improve communication, but sound quality can differ. Milka aims to provide patients with hearing aids that closely match their experience of normal sound quality.

When she’s not working, Milka enjoys hiking, playing sports, and going on trips with her loved ones! She is also creative and enjoys hobbies like videography, photography, editing, and decorating. Fall is her favourite season, and she only likes snow during Christmas!

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