Hearing Assessments


Appointment Length
45 Minutes – 1.5 Hours

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What to Expect at Your Hearing Assessment

  • Before your appointment, you will be emailed a fillable information form to complete
  • Hearing Assessments are painless and there are no side effects
  • If you have an unhealthy hearing, further testing and consultation will be provided free of charge
  • If your ears contain a lot of wax which would interfere with the testing, we will remove it
  • It’s important to bring someone who’s voice is familiar to you to the appointment, if possible

What You'll Receive From Your Hearing Assessment

  • A detailed, easy to read hearing health report
  • A full understanding of where your hearing health currently is at
  • A hearing health report will be sent to your family doctor
  • Education on how to protect your hearing
  • A smile from our wonderful patient care coordinator
  • If you have unhealthy hearing you will receive treatment counselling and recommendations

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