Hearing Loss Treatment

Starting at $99.99/month

Appointment Length
90 Minutes

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What to Expect From Hearing Loss Treatment

  • Before your appointment, you will be emailed a fillable information form to complete
  • Treatment for hearing loss is painless. If your treatment is uncomfortable in any way, something is wrong and we will resolve the issue
  • Treatment is affordable and will make a huge difference in your daily life

What You'll Receive From Your Hearing Loss Treatment

  • Fully customized treatment plan to meet your lifestyle and hearing health goals
  • State-of-the-art-hearing technology to restore your hearing clarity and improve cognitive activation
  • Education on how to operate, clean, and use your hearing device
  • On-going support for the life of your hearing device (5 years)
  • On-going testing to ensure your treatment plan is up to date and make any adjustments that are needed
  • A professional report to your family doctor
  • A heart full of confidence knowing that you will no longer be missing out on the sounds of life
  • Healthier ears, a healthier brain, and improved mental health

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